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There are many reasons to take a position in a new company. Among them are reasons such as better work, job security, more money, better benefits, quality of life, more fun, etc. You know the reasons. A person may not be right for every company and a company may not be right for every person.
Every day at Greenridge, we offer assignments which are challenging, where you look forward to going to work every day. It's success at every level: personal, professional, and financial. It's an atmosphere of growth and learning and pushing your professional boundaries.
At Greenridge, we want individuals who are motivated to succeed, because combined, our talents will set us above the competition. We want team players who can uphold the Greenridge name at our customers, be dedicated employees, and act for the good of the team and the benefit of the customers. Greenridge also hires a select few "independent consultants" for certain positions.
Make the first move and contact us. If you have what it takes, we want you! Come join the Greenridge team!

Why Greenridge?
We're On the Leading Edge - At Greenridge, you're not just a part of today's changing business environment, you're at its leading edge -- forging new paths with innovative solutions and groundbreaking technologies.

We Love What We Do - Ours is an atmosphere of team spirit, freedom and fun-one in which visionary thinking flourishes.

We Take Care of Our People - Our team enjoys attractive compensation, educational opportunities and flexible work schedules.

You Are Greenridge - You're part of a team known as innovators in the Information Technology industry. You represent Greenridge every working moment. Whether you are landing the $1 Million contract or participating in creating a new product, you are our best asset.

Freethinkers Work Here - Our business is making clients' dreams come true. We have the technical support to create applications but it is our ability to stretch our technology around our clients' needs that produces a workplace vibrating with new ways of thinking.

Benefits Program
Just as you'd imagine, Greenridge has all sorts of benefits and compensation programs in place to support our team and their families. Here is a sampling of what we offer:

Health Benefits - Our health benefits include:

Medical coverage
Life and Accident Insurance
Wellness and preventative care
Prescription drugs
Long Term Disability Coverage
Dental coverage
Worldwide Travel Insurance
Cost Savings for Home Insurance

Pay for Performance - Our compensation philosophy is Pay for Performance. We believe that people should be rewarded based upon their individual and team contributions.

Vacation & Holidays - We have a unique leave program which provides maximum flexibility in managing your time off.            


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