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Training and Mentoring

Learning new skills is challenging. Time is precious. Teams are busy. And yet, every organization needs to learn new skills to maintain its edge. At Greenridge we understand these challenges, and we specializing in helping our clients learn new skills in a practical and cost-effective means.

Through our training and mentoring services, Greenridge's staff often work on short-term basis with in-house development teams to transfer technical knowledge, provide expert review and advice, or to establish best practices and processes. We offer a number of Training and Mentoring options:

Classroom Training

Probably the most familiar type of training, Greenridge classroom training can be taught at our location, or at yours. Greenridge has set curriculums, teaching a range of topics.

Customized Classroom Training

Many clients value training which is specifically designed around the strengths and weaknesses of their existing staff and skills. Greenridge can perform skills analysis and identify the areas were training can be most effective. Based on this Gap Analysis, we customize our training to suit the needs of your staff. This results in a more effective training experience at only a slightly higher cost than traditional classroom training.

Boot Camps

Sometimes the most effective training, is a combination of classroom instruction combined with a specific project objective. Maybe you want to implement a new technology for a project or pilot. A boot camp is an intense, focused activity, located at your site, where our team works closely with yours to work through an actual project. Boot camps usually are 2 to 4 weeks in duration.


Employees learn very rapidly when mentored on the job. Our senior staff work with your team to help them ramp up on new technologies, new development processes, or help teams overcome difficult challenges.  Our mentoring includes such activities as side-by-side development, code reviews, and coaching.

Practise Areas

Our training and mentoring services includes the realm of those areas where we offering consulting and product services. Our areas of expertise and practice include:


  • Rational Software
  • Oracle
  • Java
  • .NET

Skill Areas:

  • Application Assurance Code Review – using Rational's tools, our code audits uncover application defects while we coach your team to develop a checklist and to conduct effective peer code reviews.
  • Database Assurance Review - our DBA practise team can review your database scalability, reliability and disaster recovery readiness, while at the same time helping your team be more effective at database assurance using industry best practises.
  • Architecture and Design – our software architects can help you design solutions, working through the various phases of products to overcome the first hurdles in using new technologies and approaches..
  • Software Project Management – our project managers have specific experience in software development and customization projects. We can provide valuable advice throughout the lifecycle of software development and implementation projects. We can help develop a process that makes efficient use of your resources, and we provide tutoring on technologies as required.
  • General Technology Review – for companies considering the acquisition of a software product or company, our team can provide unbiased, third-party perspective of the technology.


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