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Business Intelligence

The key to achieving Business Intelligence is to collect data that resides in your operational systems and store it in integrated, subject-oriented databases, or a ‘data warehouse,’ for easy access. A data warehouse enables you to efficiently sift through vast amounts of data to find the meaningful information for daily decision-making, operations oversight, and strategic planning. A data warehouse…

  • Provides ad hoc information analysis and static operational reporting to the business community without placing demands on their transaction processing applications.
  • Brings together, in a form that the business community understands, information from your suite of operational support systems, financial accounting systems, syndicated data and end-user maintained repositories.
  • Provides a historical view of business performance and business trends without burdening the operational support systems maintaining that history.

Whether building your solution in-house or having it hosted, Greenridge will deliver a solution that makes sense for you.


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