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FocalPoint CMS 3.0! 

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Introducing Greenridge FocalPoint CMS version 3.0!
The powerful content management system specially designed to allow complex Intranet and Internet websites to be quickly and cost-effectively created, maintained and managed.  Departments and individual users can thus concentrate on creating the content for the website, and publish it in an easy and intuitive way with an optional approval workflow before the contents go "live".

The Advantages to Using Greenridge FocalPoint CMS version 3.0
Greenridge FocalPoint is platform independent. The software used to create the website is installed on a web server and is accessed via the Internet from any location such as your home. Users use their web Browser to access Greenridge FocalPoint via the Internet. The combination of their user name and password ensures that their work environment remains protected. All of the web server’s software components are based on Java technology.

Benefits of Greenridge FocalPoint

  • Reduce Time to Market  
  • Reduce Site Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Site Consistancy 
  • Eliminate Webmaster Bottleneck

 Features of Greenridge FocalPoint CMS version 3.0:


"Direct edit" Feature: Allows users to open the editor directly from the websites front-end by pushing an "Edit" button that appears on elements on the page (if the user has the permissions to edit it).
Integrated Search: Full text search in website content pages, Word, Excel, and PDF. Ability for user to type their search criteria into a text box and view all related pages and documents appearing in a list for the user to choose from.
Multimedia Galleries:Images and multimedia files can be managed in galleries to avoid data redundancies and provide easy handling of media assets. FocalPoint CMS supports the import of almost all common file types. The galleries can be quickly accessed by drag and drop from the WYSIWYG editor.

Consistent Website Design Using Templates: FocalPoint CMS supports standard JSP (Java Server Pages) to create templates. The FocalPoint CMS template mechanisms use dynamic page rendering and allow a strict separation of XML based content and template dependent layout. Using FocalPoint CMS templates, it becomes easy to enforce a consistent corporate website design.


Integrated User Management and Permission System:Access to all content controlled by FocalPoint CMS is optionally restricted by an elaborate user and access permission management system. This guarantees controlled access to protected areas and allows easy creation of non-public areas (e.g. extranet sites). Every resource in FocalPoint CMS has an owner, an associated user group and specific access permissions (divided into read, write and visible) that can be assigned to the owner, the group and all others.


Workflow and Task Management:  FocalPoint CMS features powerful mechanisms for workflow management. A "4-eyes" workflow is always active for content creation because of the integrated project mechanism with "online" and "offline" projects.  Additionally, tasks can be created in the Workflow view for different groups, priority levels, due dates, preferred users with various notification options. Depending on the selected notification options, emails are automatically sent to either the preferred user or all users that are assigned to a group as soon as a new task has been added to the project. Each stage of the task's life is recorded to ensure that the workflow remains transparent.

FocalPoint CMS provides a professional, cost effective alternative to high expensive and proprietary "commercial" solutions, ready to be deployed by organizations or enterprises of any size.




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