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Greenridge deploys enterprise portals. A strategically designed portal maximizes your return on technology investments by delivering their value to employees, customers, and suppliers.

We partner with companies to develop the right online vision, and then implement the right environment to actualize and maintain it. What drives that partnership is our philosophical commitment to making the idea of value real, by using information intelligently to drive efficiency and growth in the value chains at the heart of your business.

How a portal works

Greenridge's Portal Framework is a next generation portal platform for integrating businesses users with all aspects of the enterprise.  With Greenridge's Portal Framework, business processes are integrated to the user desktop, users can manage business processes by exception, and users can access critical business information in a personalized, integrated, real-time fashion.

The Greenridge Retail Portal brings all your lines of business and brands together on the web using a single easy-to-manage information source. Whether you have one brand or multiple brands to manage, establishing and maintaining a web presence has never been easier.

Benefits of Greenridge Retail Portal

  • Rapid Deployment Capabilities
  • Proven ROI
  • Simple Application Integration 
  • Simple Addition of New Lines of Business
  • Multiple Banner Handling
  • Integrate Public and Private Web Applications
  • Fast Performance in Low Bandwidth Areas
  • Aggregated, Secure Access to Applications
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Streamlining the distribution process

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Corporate website solution
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